Calling local owners!

Anthony Cronk

Posted: 29 Jul 12 15:05
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Afternoon all,

I wondered if there is anyone local-ish to myself with an older Baker?

I need to work out the proper rigging required and endless research has got me nowhere.

Would also like to know what's missing and what to upgrade.

I'm in the fareham/Portsmouth area in Hampshire if anyone can help?


Thanks, Ant

Ruth Johnson

Posted: 30 Jul 12 18:50
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Hi Ant

there are a few larkies in Hampshire - which club are you a member of?

Anthony Cronk

Posted: 31 Jul 12 09:30
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Hiya, I'm not a club member yet. It's something I'm looking to do, it's just deciding which one. I've narrowed it to three;

Stokes Bay
Hill head

Fantastic locations, not far from me and all really friendly.

Garry Packer

Posted: 31 Jul 12 09:48
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Send me an email and I will send a parker rigging guide, generally very similar. There is also a guide to improving a Baker in the technical pages on this site.


Anthony Cronk

Posted: 31 Jul 12 14:18
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Hi Garry,

I think you emailed it to me the other day? About rigging 2252? It's also published online too (assuming it is the same one). Had a look through tech section too and still stuck.

I think the only part of the rig I'm unsure of is the kicker. I used to have the old wire round the mast pulley system. But it was lost at sea in some pretty strong winds. The rest of it I've set up using previous experience on lasers/toppers and seems to work well. Looks very simple compared to many examples I've seen. Currently sailing without a proper kicker and yet it still sails reasonably well actually!

Garry Packer

Posted: 31 Jul 12 19:28
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Call P&B and ask to talk to Jane. They can sell you a wire cascade plus the other bits you need to bring it back to the side decks.

Yes 2252 is mine.

Anthony Cronk

Posted: 02 Aug 12 13:31
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Hiya Garry,

I decided to update the rigging, and bought the kit yesterday for 6:1. A bit of experimenting last night and it seems alright. A little unsure with the bend it puts in the mast under load, I have the lower block connected to the mast below the halyards. To be fair, it takes quite a lot to bend it so could be ok for my leisure sailing.

Next task; spinnaker

Ruth Johnson

Posted: 06 Aug 12 18:40
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Hi Ant

I am about to join Netley SC with my lark - there are already other lark sailing members there. Not sure how much I will be there, but lovely club.

Anthony Cronk

Posted: 09 Aug 12 15:03
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Hello Ruth, Certainly looks promising on their website. I might have to drag the family along at the weekend to say hi!

Sounds like a winner, especially with a few larks at the same club, I'm not looking to join any clubs now as the season is coming to a close. However I would like to make a decision for the start of '13 :)