Best report of the year prize

Chris Fish

Posted: 24 Jul 12 13:26
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I've just had a good laugh reading the Short Course Champs report. Has anyone ever proposed a prize for the best report for an event or each day at the Nationals to be presented at the Winters Dinner?


Bob Suggitt

Posted: 24 Jul 12 14:52
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I think we already have a winner.
(the god known as Bob Suggitt:- thanks for the promotion!)

Bob Suggitt

Posted: 24 Jul 12 19:18
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On reflection, if I was a proper god the boat would have stayed where it was when commanded to.
Back to godschool I guess. (probably be kept in detention for getting above myself)

Kevin Rose

Posted: 26 Jul 12 19:10
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Thanks for the praise

As it is probably the only report I am going to write for the larks in my life (me, win events? seriously.) I decided to put a little bit of effort into the commentary.

Definitely inspired by the tale of the windward mark by CJ though, that still has the prize for me.