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Michael John

Posted: 23 Jul 12 15:09
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Dear All,

It turns out that Ranelagh SC has not been selected to host the Olympics this summer and so we are having to sell some of the boats that we had bought for the visiting teams. In among this amazing fleet are the mixed-double handed class that we felt best espoused the Olympic ideal (i.e. good to go for a sail in before you watch the beach volleyball in the bar).

I have put the details for two Larks that Ranelagh Sailing Club are selling in the Classifieds. I think they are 486 and 1361 but it is difficult to find or verify the numbers.

They have masts, sails, rudders and centreboards, but won't have some of the usual fittings as those are nice and shiny so we are keeping them. The boats have been stored indoors and are in pretty good nick. They are ideal for somebody who just wants to go for a sale after screwing a few cleats on but I don't think that you would be likely to win the Champs sailing either of these!

If anybody is interested let me know.

Love to all,

Michael John

Posted: 30 Jul 12 13:35
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These are now heading for e-bay and failing that I will have to have my usual conversation with the man at Wandsworth Tip. An extract is below:

Me: Hi
Him: That looks like a boat
Me: A bit, but it also looks a bit like rubble
Him: Looks more like a boat to me
Me: Does it matter if the rubble looks like a boat
Him: No, not really
Me: Thanks, which bin?
Him: It looks like you have it on a trailer
Me: It does look like a trailer, is that a problem?
Him: You can't bring trailers without an appointment
Me: I could take it off the trailer and drag it along the ground
Him: I wouldn't do that, you will damage it
Me: It's only rubble
Him: Still, it would be easier to move on the trailer. Put it in the end bin
Me: Thanks:)

Emma Harris

Posted: 08 Aug 12 10:47
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You could give them to the Milton Keynes Council as flower pots for their roundabouts. I'm sure they'd be grateful...