Your class needs you!

Nigel Hufton

Posted: 15 Jul 12 16:18
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I feel the current committee is doing a great job. However, as some of you know, the current committee is short of members. While this is nothing new, it is particularly stretched at this time.

If you sail a Lark and have not been on the committee - or done some non-committee job - please volunteer. The class doesn't run itself and everyone therefore has an obligation to help out wherever they can. It doesn't need to be a formal committee position - although I was on the committee for some years, I find I can still be useful now in various ways without it taking up too much time.

If you've not been on the committee, you'll be amazed what a sense of purpose, teamwork and friendship you get - and the more you put in, the more you get out.

So volunteer now!

James Ward

Posted: 26 Jul 12 11:34
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Nigel - Thank you very much for this post.

I can not agree with Nigel more and having now been on the committee for 2 years I can not stress enough how urgent we need more people to help us out to keep this class going from strength to strength.

One of the goals of the last 2 years was to start to change peoples perception of the class, to let people know we are no longer just a student class fleet racing around in banged up old boats and getting banned from sailing clubs. We are a serious fleet, but who are friendly and like to have fun, with excellent events, with some of the best sailors racing and we are making people sit up and take note and we need to keep this going. We can only do that with a strong proactive committee

We do not ask for much of your time, anything is greatly appreciated.

You now even get free membership as an incentive!

Please do get in touch if you are keen to help your class...because it really does need you!!



LCOA - Vice Chairman