Thanks (for the last 30 years)!

Nigel Hufton

Posted: 15 Jul 12 15:51
Message ID: 2223
I was amazed and delighted to be given the framed photo at the Nationals in June for my having attended 30 consecutive Lark Nationals. Despite calls of 'speech', I was unable to say anything at the time (a combination of being unprepared and having just downed a pint of fizzy lager in one). So here is what I would have said!

Obviously I am delighted and touched for the recognition. For some time, I've been wondering what people would think when they found out, so I kept it quiet. However, it's not a lack of imagination - I have often thought of the pros and cons of changing class and every time I come back to the same conclusion that no other class gives the same combination of value for money sailing, great venues, friendly people, close racing and a challenging boat to sail. While it's had it's ups and downs, it's been a way of life to me and I couldn't give it up!

Now that everyone knows, it is pleasing that so many people see it as an achievement in itself. I guess this is true, given that it has been a big commitment to attend 30 champs and c. 300 open meetings, when I have a busy life and two boys. Many thanks go to my forgiving and supportive wife, Pippa for this. However, the rewards have been fantastic in terms of meeting people and having a great time.

So thanks to everyone who has made the class what is is over the years and kept me in it!


Harry Pynn

Posted: 16 Jul 12 22:19
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A fantastic achievement Nigel. Hopefully you'll make another 30!
By some strange coincidence your message id is 2223 which is your old boat.

Ruth Johnson

Posted: 21 Jul 12 10:19
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I thought this year being my 15th was an achievement! Your dedication to the class is something we should all aspire to and shows just what a fab boat the lark is.

Looking forward to Felixstowe already!