Winter Sailing at Northampton

Nick Marlow

Posted: 22 Oct 04 06:02
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For anyone else interested; normal club racing throughout this winter period is on every Sunday with starts at 12 and 2 o'clock. Normal club racing is a mass start handicap, with a Winter Series from 7th November to 26th Dec and a Icicle Series from 31st Dec to 29th Feb.

A Lark start can be organised depending on numbers and what people want to do.

David and I are keen to sail at Northmapton for this winter. It would be nice to know if there are enough other people interested to get the discount membership rate.

We will seriously consider sailing from the 7th Nov so not far away at all.


Posted: 22 Oct 04 06:10
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I am planning on going when I can. I think Steve Cumley may be sorting out a kind of Frensham Five type series.


Posted: 22 Oct 04 09:07
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I'm hoping that Anna and I will get in on the action as well. There is shaping up to be a good turnout.



Posted: 23 Oct 04 04:12
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Would like to be part of it and get some more time in a boat, do you lot know of anyone in Northampton looking for a crew?

Steve Cumley

Posted: 25 Oct 04 11:16
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I'm going to do as many Sundays at Northampton as possible.

I have no plans to organise a Frensham 5 type thing - but if thats what everybody wants then I am sure the club will oblige. It would make sense to try and avoid clashes with frenshams organsied events though.



Posted: 25 Oct 04 12:08
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I reckon that a Frensham 5 type series (4 to count) would be an excellent idea. I will do as many races as I can. Ideally the series should start in Late January (as I'm away in Jan!) and go through until March. To make it a bit more competitive we should all put in 10 per race and have that as prize money!! Winner of each race buys the champers as well!



Posted: 25 Oct 04 07:36
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I'm afraid I am not up for paying anything like 10 per race when we are already paying to join and I am probably not going to win it!! I think we ought to start asap as the F5 doesn't start until January. And lets face it, how many people are really going to do both - its a 5 hour journey to Frensham for me!! Maybe we could all just contribute a little bit of cash as an entry to the series or donate prizes.....


Posted: 26 Oct 04 03:48
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Good idea whoever thought of it, we will be joining you whenever we can. The Northampton 10?

I agree with Ruth that a tenner is a bit steep, are you relying on winning to buy food Simon?
How about a quid a week/boat? That would give a enough for reasonable prize or pissup.