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Date Posted: 03 Jul 12 16:01
Hi to all. I recently acquired an old John Baker Lark (#360) and have been restoring it back to sea worthiness after what appears many years of neglect. Being new to the class, I have been researching the history of the boat and would appreciate any links to information about John Baker Ltd. and in particular how this old boat from England has ended up 40 miles north of New York City in the Hudson Valley. Also, noticed alot of the activity in this class is centered in the U.K. and was wondering if there are any Lark class associations / groups here in the States (preferably the Northeast). I got the boat as a project for my son and I with no idea of size of the Lark "Community" out there. We would like to get involved in that community and were wondering where to start.
Author: Christopher Borchardt

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Date Posted: 03 Jul 12 18:46
welcome to the class! there are a few larks stateside, mostly due to some universities http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lark_(dinghy). I think there are a few others scattered around, but not sure if any are at clubs, or racing.

Good luck! 
Author: Ruth Johnson

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Date Posted: 11 Jul 12 18:43
Tufts University I believe sail Larks and about 24 Rondar boats in team racing colours headed to the States about five or six years ago. Paul Young at Rondar raceboats (google it) would be able to tell you which universities they have sold Larks to in the States. 
Author: Pat Jones

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Date Posted: 23 Jul 12 14:13
Hi Christopher

I'm sure you'll be interested in this article:

Your boat would have been a former university boat at either Tufts, MIT or Harvard. Given the number it most likely would have arrived in the early 70's

A good contact for you to make would be the author of that article Ken Legler - you can contact him on http://www.kenleglersailing.com

I'm not sure about other Larks sailed in the USA but a bit of googling on this forum shows that there are a few owners in the USA:

I hope this helps,

Author: Edd Mcardle

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