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Is it just me...
Date Posted: 27 Jun 12 15:18
Not sure who's in charge of Lark IT support these days (Monkey/Nigel/Si?) but I've been trying to look at the snaps from this weekend on the photo gallery without success - seems the viewer box thingy is playing up...

Any ideas? X

Author: Adam Owens

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Is it just me...
Date Posted: 28 Jun 12 12:05
There was a mistake with the gallery displayed. There are two versions of Royal Harwich 2012, one is a document folder, the other contains the photos. I have now suppressed the document folder, and it looks to me that the photo gallery now works.

Let me know if you have any further difficulties...

Author: David Marlow

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Is it just me...
Date Posted: 28 Jun 12 13:07

Thanks for pointing this out - Dan asked me to take a look for him, and hopefully the big black "viewer box thingy" is now behaving itself and you can see all of the images again.

Let me know if its still not working

Author: Ian Videlo

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