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road trailer length
Date Posted: 18 Jun 12 13:55
Can anyone tell me what length (from tow bar ball socket to wheel axle) the road trailer for lark should be?
is there a minimum/max length?
many thanks, Claire
Author: Claire Allam

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road trailer length
Date Posted: 19 Jun 12 21:29
there is no minimum or maximum length. Probably best to get one to fit your trolley. Usually from the start of the a frame to the axle is either a 220cm or 250cm roughly to suit a lark. 
Author: Jane Alexander

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road trailer length
Date Posted: 20 Jun 12 10:36
I've just measured my west mersea trailer, which measures 270cm from towbar ball to crossbeam (connected to wheel suspension). Though mine is a little bow heavy. Therefore Jane (of course!!) is correct in that it's most important for the trailer to mate nicely(!) with the trolley.
Good luck 
Author: Daniel Watson

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