What sails to buy?

Cliff Pountney

Posted: 15 Jun 12 11:44
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I would like to buy my missus a new main sail for her Lark, sounds a better anniversary present than some bling.

What I am after is a durable sail for club racing that can be used about 20 times a year and still be 'fresh' after several seasons. There seem to be many manufactures so does anyone have any advice on buying new Lark sails?

The boat is a Parker Mk2 2129 and sailed on an estuary.



Tim Vick

Posted: 15 Jun 12 15:35
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Hi Chris,

I would imagine you would find most sails pretty similar in terms of longevity. Im pretty sure North sails use a different fabric to Pinell and Bax, but im not aware there is much difference in its life expectancy.

The bigger question I would suspect is do you buy a new main for around 660 (at P&B) or buy a full set of second hand sails for about the same amount.

Once you have taken the new sails out and hoisted them, there probably wont be much difference between them and a good second hand set as you will put some creases in just getting them out an putting them away again. You can get a second hand main and jib and kite for 750 http://www.larkclass.org/classifieds/forsale_display.php?id=885 or just a main and jib for about 500 http://www.larkclass.org/classifieds/forsale_display.php?id=877

I realise being a present you would prefer new, but second hand is often very good value and you would only notice the difference between the two if you were at the front of the fleet at the nationals!

Mark Chadwick

Posted: 15 Jun 12 19:53
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Have to admire a loved one getting a sail as a present. That would be the difficult part. Just in case I could use a new spinny and my favourite colour is blue.

Harry Pynn

Posted: 22 Jun 12 08:31
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McNamara sails offer different sailcloth and cuts to suit the sort of sailing you are planning. They certainly have a more durable cloth for club racing. See http://www.mcnamara-sails.co.uk/.


Chris Fish

Posted: 22 Jun 12 13:16
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I sail on an estuary too. There's something depressing about trying to wash mud off a new sail after a capsize.

Whilst I agree with Tim that you would gain better value second hand there is something nice about receiving a long cardboard box with virgin sails inside.


Tim Vick

Posted: 22 Jun 12 14:33
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It also worth noting that many of the sail lofts do good discounts on their sails in the winter. This may of course be too late for your situation but thought worth mentioning it anyway.

Let us know what you decide to do in the end.