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Posted: 20 Oct 04 10:31
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I sail a 29er and am thinking about getting a lark for team racing at uni. I was wandering is it possible to fit a mainsheet system like on the 9er where the crew takes the main straight off the boom and if so has this been tryed before and is it fast?



Ps Im looking for a parker mark 2 hull for as cheaply as possible doesnt have to be complete and im prepared to work on it as i have lots of lark spares (first boat)


Posted: 21 Oct 04 08:56
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Not very fair on the crew if you don't have a self tacking jib. Don't think your tacks will be too pretty.

Posted: 21 Oct 04 10:46
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The crew can hand the main back over to the helm during the tacks. The system works really well on the 9er as it allows the helm to concentrate on the shifts. Would the alteration be class legal?

Nigel Scott

Posted: 21 Oct 04 01:39
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In light airs I take my main straight from the boom skiff style as it centres the main without pulling it down and closing the leech. However, once the breeze gets up you need the extra puchase that the centre jammer gives you. I suppose the only way you could work it was to put an extra puchase in between the boom and the bridle.

The biggest issue I can see is at the top mark where you want to hoist the kite as you don't want to let the main all the way out on the hoist and the crew has other things to do. Might work for 2 sail team racing only though.

Let us know how you get on.


Posted: 21 Oct 04 04:56
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Thanks for the advice The only reason for wanting such a system is that it does work very well in the 9er. I agree the only downside i could see of the system to at the windward mark, however if a "pump" style spinniker halard was instaled shouldnt this allow the helm to do both or a fly away pole system which wouldnt need that much fiddling with at the windward mark?


All i need now is the hull to try these ideas on


Posted: 21 Oct 04 07:14
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As shifts aren't quite so important to catch in team racing, I would have thought it would be much more beneficial to use to conventional system and use the crew for tactics.....

Posted: 21 Oct 04 07:44
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Yes but crews aren't very good at tactics are they ruth?


Posted: 21 Oct 04 10:24
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In team racing you will be sailing loads of different boats anyway when you go to events so probably best to get used to the system that they all use. I used to swap the West Kirby Fireflies from transom to centre main (just because I could as they have the extra pulleys installed) each race but in the end it was too much hassle so just stuck with what they had.

I crewed several beats at the Penzance nationals in 1998 doing the mainsheet, but that was because my helm reckoned he couldn't manage to pull it in properly.

Not sure whether it was quick though!!

finally, if you want us crews to play the main then maybe we could think about a trapeze as well!!!!!

Paul K

Posted: 22 Oct 04 02:13
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I normaly am the crew but this time i would be helming. I dont mind taking the main it gives me a good work out and we go very fast upwind. I wouldnt mind a trapeze if it wouldnt snap the mast and was class legal!!


Posted: 22 Oct 04 08:44
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A lark is not a skiff! They do not respond in the same way. Easing the sheet on a 29er or 800 has a dramatic effect on boatspeed. On a Lark it'll keep the boat flat but the boatspeed increase (if any) is negligible. In 35 years of Lark sailing they have evolved to centre mainsheet jammers for a reason. It works!

I'd like to see a crew trim the main in a Lark at somewhere like Frensham or Shropshire. Good luck, but I suspect you'll be practicing your swimming!!


Posted: 25 Oct 04 12:35
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If you want a Lark with a trapeze then you could always try a 404 which was a lark hull with a trapeze and a self-draining floor. Borrowed one for a bit at Rutland and quite liked the way when it came over on top of us in a lull my feet left the gunwale. Was less sure about the wet feeling as my head hit the water a few seconds later.

Not sure what the mast was though, you might want to think carefully before playing this game with a Proctor C.