To our new Champions

Chris Fish

Posted: 06 Jun 12 13:07
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Congratulations Steve and Simon! Nice trophy, isnít it? Rumour has it that you'll have to defned it in Waldringfield Larks' back yard next year, good luck. Iím looking forward to it already.

I confess I was not missing this yearís nationalís one bit as I was keeping busy - happy [pregnant] wife, happy life etc. That was until my friend Mr Krailing reminded me. After a momentís reminiscing, the whip came back down again and it was back to work. But I spent the last day itching to find out the outcome of a 3-way finale, which you won. About time too! I promised Alan that Iíd start training for a Ferry good event next year.


p.s. get some practice in for the Endeavour; Mr K and others will be pleased to advise no doubt.
p.p.s. Thanks to the reporters for describing the action so well this time.

Chris Biglin

Posted: 06 Jun 12 15:16
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Steve and Si have certainly put the work in and are worthy and deserving winners, that they were run so close is a credit to the other contenders.

Bl**dy windy in Plymouth isn't it?

If I had a tenner for everyone I heard claiming to be "too old for this" I reckon I'd have enough for a new set of sails. :-) And this from the guy with a zimmer frame in his boat...

Chris Ellis

Posted: 11 Jun 12 09:38
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Yes agree, well done Steve and Simon on winning the Nationals; it was well deserved and had to happen sooner than later.
Has a Lark entry ever won the Endeavour?
It will be good to see the report on how a four day Nationals compares with seven days.