Where to purchase spreader ends for lark #307

Kris Vokes

Posted: 04 Jun 12 00:42
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Fitting a new lark and the Spreader arms are in solid shape but seem to be missing spreader ends for the side stays. This is an older lark. Anyone know of where to purchase online?

Thank You,

Mr. Kris Vokes

John Knowles

Posted: 05 Jun 12 16:28
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The spreader ends on 512 were just a sort of keyhole "insert & twist" arrangement at the end of a tapered spreader arm. I've still got them somewhere - if you want a photo get back to me.

Chris Biglin

Posted: 06 Jun 12 09:47
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The age of the boat and the age of the mast may not be equal, spreaders have changed a number of times over the years.

Is the mast gold or silver (or possibly black)?
Are your spreaders round tubes or Aluminium "foiled" extrusions?
Early aluminium spreaders had a stainless strip that fitted into the end iirc.

One of the established Selden chandlers like P&B or Seamark Nunn would probably be able to get you going in some fashion.