Help with Brixham Results Please

Stuart Allen

Posted: 22 May 12 21:32
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Hi All

Can someone tell me which Lucy Evans was sailing with Steve Cumley at Brixham?

Was it Lucy Evans Shustoke, or Lucy Evans South Staffs?



Charlie Roome

Posted: 24 May 12 07:29
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Shustoke (I think, the taller one anyway!)

Lucy Evans

Posted: 24 May 12 15:56
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I can confirm that was I. Although just to confuse matters even further it should now officially be 'Lucy Evans Fishers Green' rather than Shustoke as that's now my local club!

Can't dispute being the taller one though...

Stuart Allen

Posted: 24 May 12 16:05
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Thanks guys, maybe i'll call you Lucy Evans, and the other one Lucy Evans South Staffs....

Results should all be good now, but do let me know if i do get you mixed up.