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How do I rig an older lark
Date Posted: 20 May 12 13:43
I purchased an older used lark (# 307) for my son who has taken sailing lessons a few years in a row. I have sailed little and only on a catamaran (16' Hobie). We are looking for step by step rigging instructions which would preferably include pictures or diagrams. He will surely start with the main only and eventually progress to the jib. Looking also for safety tips overall on rigging and sailing.

A few questions also. Please excuse the novice wording:

There is no rub rail but appears there was at one time as glue residue remains. Anyone know where this can be purchased or tips on what to use? The edge seems rough or sharp in some areas without the rub rail. I was thinking of sanding some edge areas to smooth out.

There are two clear plexiglass hinged doors over the bailer holes in the transom secured with a bungy. Should these have some type of water gasket? I have read that some people tape these closed. Is that recommended for a starter sailer and if so what type of tape is recommended?

The mast fit's into a "U" cutout in the deck. The mast wires are not tight so there is room to flop about. Is there some "U" gasket missing or other fastener? Basically what all locks the mast in place and holds down from coming lose from the base.

The boom appears to secure to the mast with a long pin that slides in the end but there doesn't seem to be anything that fastens the two together. Does the main sail take care of that when installed?

Thanks Much,

Mr. Kris Vokes
Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts (USA)
Author: Kris Vokes

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How do I rig an older lark
Date Posted: 29 May 12 06:57
I'll send you a guide to rigging my Lark which should be similar to yours.

When sailing the mast is held in position by the rig tension, there should be a way to apply this to the jib halyard to get the whole rig tight. Mast base should sit on a metal plate screwed to the hog (strengthened section on centreline that runs fore and aft)

Transom flaps should be fine without gasket or tape, if it comes in you're generally sitting too far back in the boat.

Boom is normally held in place by the main and kicker/outhaul tension.

Author: Garry Packer

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How do I rig an older lark
Date Posted: 07 Jun 12 20:35
Can you copy me on the rigging guide?
Author: David Emerson

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How do I rig an older lark
Date Posted: 11 Jun 12 11:05
David can you send me your email address via training@bcyc org uk replace spaces with .

Author: Garry Packer

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How do I rig an older lark
Date Posted: 01 Jul 12 23:40
Hi Garry

Would you be so kind as to copy me in to. I will email you my address.

Many thanks

Author: Austin Maude

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How do I rig an older lark
Date Posted: 04 Jul 12 13:26
If you`re sailing with just the mainsail never put the centreboard fully down.If you sail with 3/4 plate the board swivels back and balances the rig which is effectively further back due to the absence of the jib. This is really important in making the boat easy to steer. 
Author: Bob Suggitt

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