Buy Tickets Now Or you will miss out!!

James Ward

Posted: 15 May 12 18:43
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The Sunday night of this years Nationals in Plymouth holds the social event of the Championships. The RED, WHITE and BLUE Dinner!

As you all know at this years nationals we are getting very british, what with the Queen's Jubilee happening on the same weekend, and we thought it fit to hold a very British Dinner to celebrate.

The RED WHITE & BLUE Dinner is a full Black Tie affair, so lads get your Tuxedo's Dry Cleaned and Ladies treat yourselves to a new dress, RED WHITE or BLUE of course!

This new social event to the Nationals Calendar promises to be a really great and unique night with a delicious 3 course British Roast Dinner followed by a after dinner speaker or Comedian and of course plenty of action in the bar! All for a bargain price of 25 per head!

If you would like to attend (and trust me you would be crazy not to!) Please buy tickets ASAP at the link below NOW as The club urgently need to know numbers.

Please do not wait until you are in Plymouth to buy your tickets as it will be too late!

See you there.

Buy your tickets NOW for this fantastic evening - Click Here

James Ward

Posted: 18 May 12 00:05
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Only a couple of days left to get your tickets! Keep buying. Loads sold already but we still know there are more to come and we need the numbers!!

David Young

Posted: 22 May 12 16:02
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Thanks for the reminder - guess there could be some Duckhams nominations for those that don't attend?!

Chris Whitehouse

Posted: 22 May 12 18:41
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Is it me, or have Cowes Week nicked our theme?!

Emma Harris

Posted: 24 May 12 16:01
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Err. Just bought mine. Didn't realise until Nigel told me that they had to be paid for on top of the entry fee.. oops. Still, although late, my payment's gone through now, so I shall be most upset if my beef doesn't turn up....


James Ward

Posted: 25 May 12 13:36
Reply ID: 6207
Guys - We have managed to negotiate a short extension on getting numbers to the club for the RED WHITE & BLUE dinner, so if you have not got tickets and thought you had missed out, buy them NOW!!! Or you WILL miss out!!