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Spreader Settings
Date Posted: 14 May 12 11:47
I am reading so many confliting tuning guides regarding spreader settings I could do with some help.

Its for a composite hull - Dan Watsons old boat ' Griz/Bear. Any one know the best Spreader Length and Deflection settings??? Currently North Sails on the boat.


Author: Christopher Menear

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Spreader Settings
Date Posted: 14 May 12 13:07

for a C section i think you will want your spreaders to be around 375mm long (measured from the centre of the wire to the nearest point on the side wall of the mast)

I can't remember what the deflection numbers are, but you want around 3/4 Inch of pre bend when you are on your base setting. You measure your pre bend by pulling the main halyard tight to your gooseneck/black band and you should then be able to eye up what the gap is between the halyard and the mast track at spreader level.

Hope that makes sense.

Author: Steve Hall

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