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Rock Results
Date Posted: 10 May 12 14:48
Hi All

The Rock results have been added to the Resutls section. Not sure if i have got all the helms and crews names down correctly as there as a Nigel Jufton in the top three!

Could that be Higel Hufton sailing under a false name to try to shake off those followers.....

And was John Mitchell sailing with Mr Crooks??

I have a feeling Tim Poarsu is not who he says he is, but need a bit of confirmation.

It would be so much easier if i was actually there..... one day i will sail again!


Author: Stuart Allen

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Rock Results
Date Posted: 10 May 12 15:06
1 2530 Steve Hall Simon Haighton
2 2411 VOODOO Chris WhitehouseEllie Bremer
3 2470 TIGER Nigel Hufton Andy Douglas
4 2519 WICKED RCharlie RoomeDavid Marlow
5 2311 CHOPPER Emma Harris Millie Parsons
6 2527 FLOOZIE James Stewart Ruth Johnson
7 2531 POLAR B Daniel Watson Harri Condie
8 230 Tim Vick Rebecca Marks
9 241 HAVANNA Jonathan White Rob Woodward
10 2264 CAMEMBERTRyan Crawford Lewis Crawford
11 2484 MUPPET Dougal Scott Helen Scott
12 2475 BUCKAROOChris Holliman Kate Hutchins
13 2507 BRUCE James Ward Karen Falcon
14 2504 MLEUI John Crooks Laura Mitchell
15 2533 SMARTY PRob Lyne Ally Dart
16 2462 MR BIG Nick Marlow Sophie Rix
17 2502 WEEBLE Steve Chatten Kirsty Phipps
18 2490 BOB Robert Marlow Ruth Marlow
19 2442 LUCKY P Kate Merritt Karen Jewkes
20 2347 GIRLS B Joe Chadwick Daniel Sell
21 2327 ABOUT T Mike Williams Bob Simons
22 2220 SCREAM Andrew Cox Rachel Dunn
23 2268 GRIZZLY Des Menear Chris Menear
24 2509 Tim Pearse Bryony Hutchins 
Author: Tim Vick

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Rock Results
Date Posted: 10 May 12 15:12
Also the results for the Belle Isle don't seam to have changed and do not include Rock :)

Thanks Stuart, come and play again soon, maybe when it stops raining, if that ever happens
Author: Tim Vick

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Rock Results
Date Posted: 10 May 12 17:01
Thanks Tim, i think there is sometimes a delay in them being posted after i upload them. They are all up there now.


Author: Stuart Allen

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