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Date Posted: 30 Apr 12 14:21
Looking forward to our annual trip to Rock this weekend.
Do we have any idea on start times yet?

Author: Steve Chatten

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Date Posted: 30 Apr 12 16:00

5 7 May 2012

Rock Sailing & Water ski Club is looking forward to seeing members and non-members at the 2012 Lark Open. The event has been running for many years and is attended by numerous sailors who return year after year.

Why not take the opportunity to see what Rock Sailing & Water ski Club has to offer by the way of exciting sailing and excellent on shore hospitality

Please click on the above link to access the Entry Form.

The first race is scheduled for 13:00 on Saturday 5 May

Entries will be accepted on the day. Hope to see you at the open

Author: Tim Vick

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Date Posted: 30 Apr 12 17:07
Thanks Tim!
Author: Steve Chatten

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Date Posted: 30 Apr 12 18:11
Just a reminder to everyone coming to Rock that if you need sails measured, boats measured, buoyancy tested etc. It's a good opportunity to catch one of our class measurers to get everything signed off before the nationals. As the lark class will NOT be holding official scruitineering at plymouth.

Author: Alison Dart

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Date Posted: 30 Apr 12 20:28
Author: Ruth Johnson

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Date Posted: 04 May 12 10:04
This will be the 1st Rock I have missed since 2004 due to the GPs reverting back to thier original 3 day Inlands over the May bank holiday.

It was the Rock open that first opened my eyes to the fun of sailing Larks, and but for the GPs this weekend we would be coming (as would a number of other regular Lark sailors). I/we will be encouraging a different Inlands date for the future over the coming weekend.

Have fun, drink plenty of Pimms/Doombar and see you at the Nationals.....

Dave & Seonaid 
Author: David Young

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