Results are now up to date

Stuart Allen

Posted: 25 Apr 12 18:05
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Sorry for the delay... all present and correct.

Please check for spelling of names, Club affiliation and boat numbers, and make sure you have credit where due. Sometimes Sailing Secretaries or Results people write the most obscure combinations of names which i have to figure out. Someone called Hannah sailed with Steve Chatten at Northampton... No idea who this actually was.

Let me know if i need to change anything.



p.s. miss you all. perhaps see you on the water sometime?

Harri Condie

Posted: 26 Apr 12 12:46
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Hey Stu

My brother is on the Helm's list twice - Gus Condie and Fergus Condie are the same person.


Ruth Johnson

Posted: 27 Apr 12 19:28
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we miss you too Stu! when are you coming to play??

Stuart Allen

Posted: 29 Apr 12 18:11
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Thanks Harrie, all done.

Sorry Gus, you're up to 9th now!

Ruthie....... soooooon! I hope.