Spreader Adjusters

Daniel Watson

Posted: 25 Apr 12 10:54
Message ID: 2175
Thought that some of you might like to know that I had recent trouble adjusting the deflection on my new(ish) Kappa mast, so much so that I called Selden to asked what I could be doing wrong. They told me there was a "known issue" with this arrangement in recent batches. They were happy to send, free of charge, brand-new and fault-free spreader adjusters, which I now have on my boat and they work fine.
So if you've been having trouble with your spreaders give - Selden a call.

Michael John

Posted: 28 Apr 12 08:55
Reply ID: 6181
I don't know if it is the same problem that they have had when they were Proctor, but it is worth checking if you have aluminium barrels with steel bolts running into them.

The metals interact corrosively and sieze up. Grease will slow this down as will yellow paste. Not much stops it in the long run, but you can make them last as long as the mast (or you could with a nice flimsy c-section!).

Peter Mills

Posted: 29 Apr 12 13:35
Reply ID: 6182
We had to ask Selden to replace the spreaders that were supplied with Henry's new Kappa mast in January. The fault was that the plastic surrounding the rotating barrel component was not bonded properly to the metal barrel. When you tried to adjust, the plastic rotated freely and the barrel did not turn. Selden replaced the spreaders without any trouble.