Noble Marine Inlands Results

Chris Whitehouse

Posted: 23 Apr 12 10:35
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Great weekend at Grafham. Full complement of races completed!

Good work, Stu and Nick.

Results are here:


Michael John

Posted: 23 Apr 12 13:20
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Chris, I had a look at the results and am wondering what a RAF is? You seemed to get one in Race 5 and it doesn't seem to have helped you.

Quick note to all London based Lark sailors, Ranelagh SC is open for beer on Thursday night.

Love to all,

P.S. I am wondering about a cameo appearance sometime soon, anybody got a space in a boat?

Tim Vick

Posted: 23 Apr 12 13:44
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Retired After Fallingin?

Chris Whitehouse

Posted: 23 Apr 12 22:31
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Route Adherence Failure

Michael John

Posted: 24 Apr 12 12:43
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Sounds more like something you might do on a bicycle?? Did you get lost?

See you (and any other dinghy sailors who fancy a pint at the top river sailing club in the world) on Thursday evening.

Love to all,


P.S. That is Ranelagh S.C. for those who are wondering.

Chris Whitehouse

Posted: 24 Apr 12 17:31
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Ellie and I were so focused on overtaking Mr Watson, we didn't notice sailing the wrong side of the leeward mark on the approach to the finish line.

We did the honourable thing though, and 'Retired After Finishing'.