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Lark Nationals - Boats???
Date Posted: 09 Apr 12 19:55
Does anyone know if there is a person organising matching boats with helms/crews??
I know a lot of people who want to come if they can find a boat.
Can't wait - it's gonna be an awesome nationals. All of you with boats start entering. Cheap entry is only until the end of the month x x
Author: Jane Alexander

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Lark Nationals - Boats???
Date Posted: 11 Apr 12 13:05
Yes the committee are in the progress of organising this. Please send me a email to membership@larkclass.org if you know of anyone wanting a boat, crew, helm, etc.

We are also looking for people who aren't attending the nationals but are willing to lend their boat. We have a number of highly regarded Sailors from other classes wanting to come to the nationals, so please lend your boat if your not sailing.


Author: Alison Dart

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Lark Nationals - Boats???
Date Posted: 12 Apr 12 20:33
I'm going to be advertising 2419 for sale shortly - just need to clean up and check it over.  
Author: Pat Jones

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