Lifting rudder

Andrew Hunter

Posted: 08 Apr 12 20:09
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Having just taken out our new (to us) Lark 2356, we had a great day except that the fixed rudder arrangement is a nightmare for where we sail.
Can anyone recommend a good lifting type replacement?
Andy Hunter.

Harry Forbes

Posted: 08 Apr 12 21:27
Reply ID: 6152
Bought a Synergy Marine rudder last year, as a replacement for our fixed rudder and it's brilliant couldn't wish for anything better!

Jane Alexander

Posted: 09 Apr 12 19:58
Reply ID: 6153
I bought a winder lifting rudder last year and it is amazing! If you're looking for a second hand one it might also be worth looking at fireball and scorpion rudders as there is no rules for the lark and these seem to be the chosen shapes that work well (mines a fireball profile). Only down side is you have to crank the tillers to get them over the deck on a lark.

Andrew Hunter

Posted: 09 Apr 12 20:59
Reply ID: 6154
Thanks for the advice guys, I looked them up and they both look good. I will have to sort it out before something expensive breaks!
Andy H.