Endeavour Trophy


Posted: 12 Oct 04 11:44
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Well done Sarah and Nigel.This is the only time the lark rep has come in the top ten since it`s been held in RS400`s.6th is a brilliant result whatever the conditions. The Endeavour is regarded as a yardstick by which the standard of sailing in a class is judged and this is a real boost for for anyone promoting the lark class.


Posted: 12 Oct 04 12:42
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Yes, well done Sarah and Nigel - the conditions looked pretty grim and I wouldn't have liked to have been in your shoes (I didn't even go afloat in my Lark a the weekend - what a whimp!).

Bob - where did you find the results? I can only find one report on the event (on dailysail.com) and they don't have any overall results. I can't find anything on Y&Y.

Congratulations again, you two.


Posted: 12 Oct 04 01:05
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Congrats guys.

Emma, I suspect Bob read the news section of this website...


Posted: 12 Oct 04 01:43
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full marks for observation mark !


Posted: 12 Oct 04 01:45
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Hm. Didn't think to look there. Well done Simon for being more up to date than all the professional sites!


Posted: 12 Oct 04 06:17
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absolutely fantastic news - well done! Having sailed a 400 all year I know just how much hard work they are in any conditions. I can confirm that there is definately discussion about changing to 200's - something the back end of the fleet were discussing last year at the event too....