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Date Posted: 11 Oct 04 10:37
can someone tell me how to fit a mast ram. Does anyone reef their main in strong winds and is there only one size of jib sail available
Author: morag

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Date Posted: 12 Oct 04 08:40
Quite a few of us manage without a full blown ram. We have a puller system which is simply a bit of 5-6 mm rope that loops around the mast through a block and back to a cleat. you can then use this to pull the mast back at deck level. It provides a 2.1 purchase.

Not many people reef there sails but I have seen a few people using firefly sails in extreme conditions. 
Author: Mark

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Date Posted: 12 Oct 04 09:13
It actually provides a 4:1 purchase as the mast itself acts as part of the system.

You can also do it with T shaped blocks of different thicknesses dropped into the gate in front of the mast. If you have a boat where the mast step is open at the back you will need to extend it if it hasn't already been done. The rope trick is iffy on older boats as the deck doesn't come far enough back to fix to. 
Author: Technician

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Date Posted: 12 Oct 04 07:33
I use an old Mirror main sometimes.

Photos of my lark available a www.cuckoos.eclipse.co.uk

I have a screw mast ram fitted between the an eye bolted to the mast and a track on the deck with a strut below to the mast foot to support the deck loading.
Author: Garry

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Date Posted: 13 Oct 04 01:49
Author: WHY

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Date Posted: 15 Oct 04 03:29
Author: Inquisitor

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