Laying Down Supper - Accommodation

Donkey Cox

Posted: 11 Oct 04 01:02
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Morning all - just called up the Accommodation people for laying down supper and had Northampton Sailing Club answer the phone.

This means that I've been a complete donkey and put the wrong phone number down on the application form.

don't worry the guy at NSC has the number for Sedgebrook Hall now so can divert you.

But the number you really need to call is 01604 821666 to book your accommodation.

If you are having trouble getting a roommate make it know on this forum and you should be able to find someone in a similar predicament.

Please could you get your booking in ASAP so we know where we are with getting this cheap accommodation.



Posted: 11 Oct 04 08:41
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make sure you are quite firm with them about the fact we have a deal - they just tried to charge me 65.00 for the Saturday night....

Posted: 12 Oct 04 08:50
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sorry for being dumb, but what exactly is the deal?
(last message i saw said details would be posted....)


Posted: 12 Oct 04 10:21
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The deal is 50 for a double or twin for the sat night,or 45 per night if you stayed Friday & Sat, but full details are shown in the News & Notices section!!!!

Andy Cox

Posted: 12 Oct 04 05:09
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I have confirmed with the hotel that the room rates are 50 for the Sat night and 45 if you stay for Fri and Sat night.

As suggested on the news article when you call up ask for Michelle and quote "the Lark Class" (and also mention Northampton SC just for good measure) and the she will be able to take your booking. (I asked her to prep all other staff as well just in case she's not available)

All you then need to do is send me a filled out application form (word document in news section) with 20 per ticket to my home address (on form), and I'll do the rest.

Finally you will need to turn up on the Sat night (27th Nov) in your glad rags with the odd beer token, and enjoy yourselves.