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Final Fling
Date Posted: 11 Oct 04 11:06
What happened? Who won.... What's the gossip?
Author: Absent

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Final Fling
Date Posted: 11 Oct 04 08:35
Huge gales meant that there was no sailing on saturday but on sunday we were given the choice of sailing in 25knots, gusting 35knots, and only 4 Larks, 2 Cherubs and a Laser2 went out. Us sensible ones decided it was a crazy idea! Dinner on sat night was fab, so thnx to all who went and i hope for less wind next year so we can all get a bit of sailing. 
Author: David

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Final Fling
Date Posted: 11 Oct 04 10:06
Three Cherubs, and it wasn't half as bad as it looked once you were out there. We had a great blast! 
Author: JimC (Cheruub 2641)

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