What a fleet!

Exhausted sailor

Posted: 23 Mar 04 10:27
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I do believe that the Lark fleet were the only people to go out sailing at the weekend. Everyone else in the whole country chickened out!

Posted: 23 Mar 04 05:29
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And you are surprised at this because...?


Posted: 23 Mar 04 09:19
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South Staffs was not the only club to be sailing at the weekend. We sailed at Staunton Harold, thanks only to the parents of Lark sailors who braved the committee boat, not only for a race that never started due to a force 10 squall, a race that finished despite a force 10 squall, but then tried to run the first race again, and succeeded. This was run in a nice force 3, until the thunder storm when the fleet finally abandoned the water.
It was Laser sailing weather for me and I was the 'man' of the fleet with a radial rig. (The rest all had 4.7s!!!)
I think, however that South Staffs was probably the only place in the country to have spinnakers flying!!


Posted: 24 Mar 04 11:16
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We sailed at Frensham too. It was a little hairly at times and I think that everyone had a dip a some point but it was an excellent race!


Posted: 31 Mar 04 12:22
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i think you'll find the gp14s were out, but we must have missed the larks. maybe they'd all gone to bed before the party started again?