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Training at Shearwater
Date Posted: 10 Oct 04 05:09
Can I bring my boat and leave it on the Friday afternoon?
Author: Garry

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Training at Shearwater
Date Posted: 11 Oct 04 11:03
More info will be posted later today about the training this Saturday...... I just need to confirm the details with Pat.

I can confirm that it will be happening however, and that you can do the club racing on the Sunday.

I have lots of great ideas for training exercises so it should all be a lot of fun.

Watch this space for more info.

07980 267962
Author: Steve Cumley

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Training at Shearwater
Date Posted: 12 Oct 04 04:58
Yes you can leave your boat on Friday. The dinghy park isn't locked so drive down, turn right just past the clubhouse and I suggest you use the first entry on the left and snuggle it tightly in on the third row back next to my Lark (with the big chain over) or beyond that next to the two club Larks.
Watch out for the trees - they like grabbing burgees!
Author: Pat

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Training at Shearwater
Date Posted: 12 Oct 04 05:04
PS Wherever you put your boat don't block the works access. The cement lorries won't care what they damage.... 
Author: Pat

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