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Fitting a new mast to an old Lark...
Date Posted: 26 Sep 11 07:24
Hi All

Following an unfortunate incident on Sunday, my mast now has a rather pronounced forward and sideways bend. Assuming that Noble are happy to replace it, will I have any problems fitting a new Kappa mast to a old Baker ?

I seem to remember reading somewhere that the gooseneck fitting on the new masts was round, rather than square - my old boom as the square hole.

Anything else I need to watch out for ?


Author: Matt Trinder

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Fitting a new mast to an old Lark...
Date Posted: 08 Jun 13 23:59
Hi, were you able to do it? I am considering buying a new mast as well. I'm having trouble finding relevant dimensions. Is there some place I can get them apart from taking measurements myself? 
Author: Roman Petrovski

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Fitting a new mast to an old Lark...
Date Posted: 10 Jun 13 07:22
Hi, The other things you might want to consider if you are changing your mast is your stroud length,(as the position of the hounds cound be different), also the type of mast foot depending on your boat set up.

You might want to check the position of some of your existing setup against the class rules if you havn't had the boat measured recently, hope this help.


Author: Alison Dart

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