2011 Lark Inlands Social - 3rd Sept - Ranelagh S.C

Chris Whitehouse

Posted: 27 Aug 11 10:37
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After an epic nationals the Inlands are fast approaching.

As I'm sure you're all already aware the sailing will be at Queen Mary sailing club on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September.

Rather than head out in Staines... We have arranged for a social to be held at Ranelagh S.C on the south bank of the Thames in Putney.

The bar will be manned by the one and only Michael-John Gifford and food will be served up by our lovely caterer Mari. For those who like a dance - i've heard the Fez Club is the place to be on a Saturday night!

The food will be 10 a head for a delicious sit down meal, and a free drink from the bar. If you'd like to come along please RSVP below so I can get a feel for numbers and let Mari know.

Also, if you require accommodation in/around putney email me on Chris _ whitehouse @ hotmail . Com (without spaces) and I'll see if I can arrange some floor space!

Hope to see you all next weekend,


Ruth Johnson

Posted: 27 Aug 11 11:33
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me please! and my helm :-)

David Marlow

Posted: 27 Aug 11 17:09
Reply ID: 5949
Charlie and I will be there!

Harry Pynn

Posted: 30 Aug 11 14:27
Reply ID: 5951
I will be there!

Chris Whitehouse

Posted: 30 Aug 11 14:32
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Awesome Harry. And Crew?

Come on folks, surely we're not catering for only five people?!


Harry Pynn

Posted: 30 Aug 11 15:25
Reply ID: 5953
My crew Adam is coming too.

Steve Chatten

Posted: 30 Aug 11 16:00
Reply ID: 5955
I should be there with Harri... so long as my body is working.

Kirsty Phipps

Posted: 30 Aug 11 19:10
Reply ID: 5956
I'll be with James to say good bye before we had back to South Africa on Tuesday!

Nick Marlow

Posted: 30 Aug 11 19:42
Reply ID: 5957
Two more Marlows; me and Jo should be there

Tim Vick

Posted: 30 Aug 11 21:56
Reply ID: 5959
Bec's and I will be there

Lucy Evans

Posted: 31 Aug 11 13:42
Reply ID: 5962
Kevin & I will be there (also possibly bringing 2 others - will confirm tomorrow)

Dougal Scott

Posted: 31 Aug 11 17:48
Reply ID: 5963
Helen and I coming

Chris Whitehouse

Posted: 01 Sep 11 15:14
Reply ID: 5971
Thats more like it!

But we still have space available - so if any of you guys want to invite others along, feel free. Just let me know in advance.