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Very proud sister

Posted: 06 Oct 04 05:10
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Just to let you all know that Rachel is sailing on Spirit of Sark in the global challenge and you can follow their progress on They are doing rather well at the moment :->


Posted: 07 Oct 04 10:40
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One of my neighbours is on 'Force 10'. Sounds like we should start taking bets on the outcome?

Is Rachel doing the whole thing or just (!) legs?


Posted: 07 Oct 04 10:48
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They changed the name without telling me... Alan's on Spirit of Sark too!

All together now - cheer for THE Team


Posted: 07 Oct 04 01:22
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They were 5:1 favourites before they left


Posted: 08 Oct 04 06:01
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Hope they got through the first part OK - we came into Porstmouth from France on a 42ft as they were starting and visibility was crap, the seas were rough and the gale was coming up channel fast. We didn't envy them one bit!