Southport Video of LCOA A


Posted: 02 Oct 04 08:16
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Brighton & Sussex University Sailing Club managed to film this wonderful video clip of the LCOA.


Posted: 03 Oct 04 10:10
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Mmmm? Wonderful footage?!

My poor boat (still haven't got a new mast!). Own up guys which of has shamed the LCOA A team by doing this right in front of the grandstand?!!!! Mentioning no names but the class chairmen in where my money is!

Jerry, hope you guys had a good time and will be back next year?


Posted: 09 Oct 04 09:42
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O we'll be back alright. Probably without Portsmouth University as we'd like to finish the next one!

Might also be able to get a couple of sailors on the circuit. Had our first sailing trip today and the new intake seems of a fairly good standard. That said it was our laser II's that sailed not the Lark as we were re-threading the mast & trying to work out where all the right pieces of rope have gone.