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Posted: 28 Sep 04 08:12
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I've recently acted on the helpful advice and encouragement received here and bought an early Baker Lark.

I've tried it and was very pleased with the way it went but as I am getting to grips with the rigging some questions have occurred to me.

One thing I've noticed is that the spreaders have been moved up the mast by about 18 inches - I can't think of any reason to do that and it makes the tuning information on spreaders useless. Should I move them back?

What purchase do I need on the kicking strap - currently 2:1 which is clearly too little. I've been offered a roller/drum assembly as originally fitted to Larks of this vintage -but I'm inclined just to go with blocks.

I got enough blocks with the boat to rig the mainsheet to 5:1 - I've actually put it to 4:1 (centre sheeted) - is that right?
What purchase would I need for transom sheeting?

As I rigged it I managed to pull the eye out of the tack of the mainsail. Can anyone suggest an easy and effective way to fix it?

The spinnaker is very tired - does anyone have an old one for sale?

I'd be grateful for any advice.



Posted: 28 Sep 04 08:55
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I can't help with the spreaders or the mainsail tack, but I think you need at leat 12:1 on the kicker, and some use 16:1.

4:1 should be fine for a full centre main system. If you went for transom sheeting (with the final take off from the c/b case), all you need is a bridle across the transom, one block on the outboard end of the boom and one block in the middle of the boom. You will need something to stop the mainsheet looping below the boom otherwise you'll strangle yourself! If you tried full transom sheeting (as per Enterprises), you would find yourself pulled back down the boat all the time - not good!

If you let the forum know where you are, there should be help and advice nearby.

Good luck & welcome to Larking



Posted: 29 Sep 04 05:27
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There used to be two spreader heights, and hounds heights come to that. Neither was proven better at the time, but the class now seems to consider itself one design (except for rudders) so the higher position doesn't tend to be used. The only downside is the tuning guides as you say, if your mast has the holes already, it is easy to change back but you will need new spreader arms. Make sure you rivet the vacant holes (and use zinc paste) as holes halfway up a mast do nothing for it's strength!

Becky P

Posted: 29 Sep 04 07:47
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If you are anywhere near Derby, Alverbank sails do a very good and good value sail repair service. They could probably sort your mainsail tack out.


Posted: 30 Sep 04 12:09
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I have a couple of second hand spinnakers at 80.00 inc (same cut as this years championship winner) and if you`re near Birmingham or passing through I can fix your tack while you wait.

Suggitt Sails 01527585223 suggittsails@euphony.net


Posted: 12 Oct 04 06:48
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hi if you were looking for a more up to date mast i have one which is practically brand new. i've only used it a maximum of ten times and its all fully rigged. i'll be looking for around 350 for it which is a great saving on a new one.