Flat Main

Charlie Hitchen

Posted: 27 Sep 04 10:50
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I have bought a Lark which seems to have a really flat mainsail. The bagginess you would expect at the foot is not in there. The sail measures about right. I'm wondering if this is some sort of light air sail. Anybody any thoughts on this? I am also in the market for a proper mainsail to get the thing really shifting. Any offers?

Nigel Scott

Posted: 27 Sep 04 12:12
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One thing you can do that may help is to look in the corner where the boom meets the mast. A lot of sails are attached here by a pin onto the boom but this really flattens the sail and creates a nasty shape. Try tying the sail onto the mast (by tying a loop round the mast) rather than using the pin. This creates a much more natural shapped sail.

If this fails shop around for a 2nd hand main, there should be lots of people selling theirs at the end of the season.




Posted: 27 Sep 04 12:30
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You may simply have too much pre-bend on the mast. Straightening the mast adds depth to the sail. You can do this by playing around with spreader angle and length, mast ram controls (or chocks) and rig tension.

For settings you could always ask the sail maker who made it, or start with some standard settings and adjust them to suit.

Posted: 27 Sep 04 02:11
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It sounds like the sail on my Baker Lark which was designed for cruising rather than racing.

Posted: 27 Sep 04 03:57
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who's the sail maker?