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Single Handed
Date Posted: 22 Sep 04 09:35
Any body sailed a lark single handed? Any tips?
Author: John

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Single Handed
Date Posted: 23 Sep 04 01:03
Tie the Jib Sheets together to save having to go inboard to retrieve the leward sheet.

Setting the pole for Spinnaker raise could be fun!!! 
Author: Dunc

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Single Handed
Date Posted: 23 Sep 04 01:01
tie the jibsheets together. Before you tack, cleat the windward sheet so that you don`t have to pull in too much sheet on the new tack. Use a shockcord loop to hold the tiller central while putting up the spinnaker. Raise the centreboard a little when beating to reduce weather helm. If it`s windy, take the jib off,( modern jibs have a removable luff wire which can be removed and used as an adjustable forestay to retain rig tension, or alternatively roll the jib up)sail to windward with 1/2 to 2/3 plate and you`ll have a beautifully balanced singlehander which won`t get into irons when you tack.
Barnt Green allow single handed sailing with one minute/hour added onto your time,. There is also a single handed race in the Barnt Green Open, so come along and give it a try!
Author: bob

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Single Handed
Date Posted: 23 Sep 04 06:01
Many thanks for your helpful tips. I am now in the market for a reasonable lark (900 ish).

Author: John

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