Pictures from Southport 24hr

Duncan Cheshire

Posted: 21 Sep 04 09:59
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A few pictures from 2004 Southport 24hr race can be seen at:

A few pics of Larks with mast pointing in the right direction.... but also several pics of Larks with masts not in the ideal place to catch the gusts!!!!

Posted: 21 Sep 04 10:34
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In our defence, I think we were upright a little more often than the photos suggest.

Posted: 21 Sep 04 12:09
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The A team was obviously too fast to be caught on camera. Except for one shot of Smashie.


Posted: 21 Sep 04 12:24
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Lark Class A Team Pic
Pic 22

Pic 32

Pic 39

Pic 40

Pic 41

Pic 50

Pic 51


Posted: 21 Sep 04 12:33
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If anyone wants an original pic, (note: colours and brightness/contrast are much better than on the web up-load!! & full resolution is 1.3mb file!) drop me an email and I'll send one by reply.


Posted: 21 Sep 04 12:40
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Whoops also missed
Pic 29


Posted: 21 Sep 04 05:57
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Number 40 is a great photo! Smashie will have that one emailed to him. I missed that capsize in front of the club.


Jonathan Lewis

Posted: 22 Sep 04 04:44
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Si, we didn't tell you!! I think we all went for the photo moment in that spot!!


Posted: 02 Oct 04 08:14
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Lovely video clip of Boat 22 at Southport using nightvision -

Contribution from Brighton & Sussex University Sailing Club. Thanks for all your help guys, hopefully we'll get the rest of our larks repaired and do a few races.