Posted: 20 Sep 04 10:52
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Thanks to Simon for organising the LCOA team A. What a top weekend (although i am exhausted and bruised now). For those that didn't go, it was an awesome event and even Lark number 21 (bought on Friday on E-bay for 199) was there.
Congratulations to the uni teams that competed. We hope to see you all at the Nationals next year.


Posted: 20 Sep 04 01:06
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What a fantastic weekend that was. Southport at it's dubious best. Another case of if only's though - if only the wind direction had been a westerly...

It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated elite team! Why didn't we win?!

So, from me, a big thanks to all the team especially to Kelsey (Super crew!) for crewing for me in Neil's absence.

For those of you that weren't there we had it all - 36 knot gusts at night, dead runs with huge gusts from any direction at night, destroyed blocks, shrouds parting from spreaders, snapped sheets, torn sails, a bent mast and even dentistry! But we finished, albeit, with a few spectacular capsizes.

My insurance premium is going to take a real battering. So, Steve, it's going to be in your new ship next year!


ps. Congrats also to Lancaster and Leeds Uni's for finishing 2nd and 3rd.


Posted: 20 Sep 04 06:10
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Dentistry is now complete....