The weather

John Ketley

Posted: 19 Mar 04 12:45
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Wahoooo - check out the weather forecast for tomorrow. I reckon it might be a bit of a blast up at Shropshire.

Don't know about you guys but I have started my strict preparation diet. A pie every hour with a scotch egg and a Yorkie (because I am a man) on the half hour, and an Extra Large Burger and Chips followed by Jam Rolly Poly (with Suet) for Dinner.... All washed down with copious amounts of Guinness!

See you Tomorrow
PS Aren't those Ovington boys soft for cancelling- they want to get a proper boat!


Posted: 19 Mar 04 02:09
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london larkies have been training hard last night at sophie's birthday - tapas, shooters and beer. followed up with pizza and pasty. i for one think i've safely managed 1/2 a stone.


Posted: 19 Mar 04 07:48
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The midlanders are starting with curry and beer, but may have to move onto pies later....

David Marlow

Posted: 19 Mar 04 08:51
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Ive deicided that a water jacket is definitely needed, as i need to put on a good 3 stone, so dads made me wear one all week to get used to the weight! Are they legal?


Posted: 20 Mar 04 06:40
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Having just watched the weather forecast with 70mph gusts across the midlands I regret not having shares in Proctor or Hyde. Did anyone break anything?

Lark sailor cosy and warm at home!


Posted: 20 Mar 04 06:58
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No breakages despite boats capsizing on shore due to wind pressure on masts but no racing either.

Fortunately Shropshire surrounded by trees so only really windy.

At South Staffs water being blown out of lake into dinghy park!

Could still be a good time to invest in firms supplying bits for boats.


Posted: 22 Mar 04 09:45
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Even the old Larks stood up to the test. We did go out on Shearwater in a mixed handicap race and there were at least three times when our old Baker Lark was the only boat upright! At times it felt as if the boat was going to shake itself to bits, but the race was kept going by the OOD as long as the Lark was still in it. It too a gust registering over 40knots catching us stalled head to wind to finally wet us and we were blown too quickly into the bank to recover and the abandon flag went up. We'd still sailed a lap further than the rest and it was really enjoyable.