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Posted: 19 Sep 04 04:35
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I'm looking to buy a double handed boat for my daughter and I. (We are currently laser pico sailers - but its now a little cramped for the two of us).

A key criteria for us is actual boat weight as we need to be able to get it in and out of the water easily. Does anyone know what the hull weight and rigged weight is.

Additionally would our combined weight of approx 17 -18 stone be adequate for the Lark - what issues might we face ?

Posted: 20 Sep 04 08:57
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Hull weight is 95kgs, I would guess at about 120 with everything.

18 stone is the light end of the Lark scale but it is on the scale and daughters do tend to grow! Girls compete on equal terms in Larks without it being a girly boat. We have had an all girl National Champion crew, and plenty of them beat me. You have a killer light weather combination, go for it.
Where are you? Perhaps we can find somewhere you can try one out.

Posted: 20 Sep 04 01:32
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Having been outpaced by two Lark girls who couldn't have totalled more than 16 stone, I think you'll be fine.
They're much easier to lady-handle on the slipway than most double handers especially if you get the balance right on the trolley. Slide the boat back and forth until it feels balanced but doesn't tip up then set the trolley supports accordingly. Many are set too nose heavy and are difficult to lift and wheel.


Posted: 20 Sep 04 04:43
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national 12s are much lighter and even better suited to a light crew weight. They're a pleasure to pull up the hard/beach regardless of where it is on the trolley(!), easy to right after a capsize and self draining!

Having said that Larks are cool too coz they've got a colourful flappy thing to look at downwind

Posted: 20 Sep 04 07:46
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That'll be MJ then!


Posted: 21 Sep 04 12:09
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Nope it wasn't, I tend to sign my postings and am always happy to encourage ladies to sail Larks. Might have been one of my siblings though!

Anne (again)

Posted: 22 Sep 04 07:00
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Thanks for your replies - you have convinced us that we should try out the Lark.

We are based near Southport - does anyone know where it might be possible to try out a Lark ?

Posted: 22 Sep 04 08:44
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there are some at West Kirby

Steve Cumley

Posted: 23 Sep 04 12:15
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Anne (or anybody else reading this)

If you would like any help organising a trial sail please call me on 07980 267962 and I would be happy to help. There are keen Lark sailors all around the country and I am sure that it will be very easy to set up trial sails.

If you have already organised something please let us know how you get on?

Steve Cumley
Lark Class Chairman.

Peter Hughes

Posted: 26 Sep 04 09:30
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I've got one at West Kirby and you're welcome to a go. Phone me on 01978 841 716

Posted: 06 Oct 04 11:14
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i have helmed a lark since i was sixteen and have sailed with no greater weight than 19-20 stone and have still managed to have a good time and only struggled in the big blows when even the big boys are having a tough time!! the secret is to know your weight and how to set the boat up accordingly. my best results have often been in the blows due to sheer determination not to get wet and safe sailing rather than all the tricks! i sailed the nationals with only 16 stone all up weight and still ended up mid fleet. being lighter is great fun because not only do you go well in light weather but you plane first over heavier crews! so go for it! the lark is great!