PY without spinnaker

Rick Walker

Posted: 19 Sep 04 08:45
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I`ve recently bought a Lark (sail number 2213). As I`m fairly new to sailing and need to get used to the boat I intend sailing without spinnaker for the rest of this year. Is the PY different if I don`t use the spinnaker?


Posted: 19 Sep 04 02:43
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The difference between a Lark with or without spinnaker will depend upon local conditions. On the sea where there are long spinnaker legs it will make a big difference (especially once the additional surfing comes into effect). On a small inland lake where the legs are short there is not much difference at all, due the time spent hoisting / setting / gybing / dropping the thing!

Posted: 20 Sep 04 09:08
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There is no official PY without spinnaker. It is up to the club where you race to make a concession or not.


Posted: 27 Sep 04 10:04
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Thanks for the replies