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Date Posted: 15 Sep 04 10:03
Does any one have a "standard issue", university type, rudder stock and blade (in reasonable condition) that the LCOA A team could use this weekend at the 24 hour race. Basically the stock needs to be the old style (not the new Rondar style) aluminium sided stock.

If it's not too out of the way one of us will collect.

A few crossed wires has left us with nothing to steer the boat!!!!!!!!!!! Rudderless sailing at night... should be interesting.

Author: Simon

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Date Posted: 16 Sep 04 07:16
Will will have 3 rudders at Southport, will swap one for a crew! 
Author: Simon Hopkins

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Date Posted: 16 Sep 04 08:56
that's not fair - you have more than us to start with!! Will exchange for beer.... 
Author: Ruth

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