Taking it all apart


Posted: 13 Sep 04 06:07
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Having just purchased an old lark I am wondering if there is such a thing as a "manual" on how to take it apart (and put it back together again), or instructions on how to change the rig from centre to transome. The other thing I could do with some advice on is getting my hands on a roadbase for the combi trailer it came with.




Posted: 15 Sep 04 01:54
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Hi there its very simple to chasnge the main control sheet from centre to aft, however i would suggest you try centre main as it is alot better.

All you have to do is "unrig" the centre main blocks/fittings, remove the blocks/fittings. Then attach a long slider on the top of the transom and rig up your blocks, jobs a good one.

As for a manual, a lark is not a complicated boat, my advice is you rig your control lines where you want, use what ever system you want. Just keep it nice, basic and neat.


Posted: 15 Sep 04 05:09
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See Simon's article on the Technical pages and my paltrey attempt at authorship from www.cuckoos.eclipse.co.uk