Rig tension - learning more


Posted: 11 Sep 04 06:26
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Thanks for your previous replies. The highfield lever is adjustable (although the frame is fixed to the mast, the handle moves up and down inside the frame). There is a wire loop on the jib halyard, although it seems a long way from attaching to the metal hook. The shrouds do indeed have metal plates with lots of holes in them, which I shall set up as per the tuning guide. Should I be using a muscle box on the forestay or lots of long shackles to get the jib halyard closer to the highfield? I am concerned about the amount of tension on the rig, and putting the mast through the floor! I've tried a couple of times to download 'how to rig a lark' from cuckoo.eclipse, but I can't get it to appear. It is a GRP boat. Thanks again, Rob.... Does anyone have a Lark in Norfolk I might be able to look at?


Posted: 11 Sep 04 09:53
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Rob, it often helps to have someone pull on the forestay to get the loop & hook to meet.
If the jib halyard still won't reach the highfield lever it ought to be possible to move the lever itself on the mast. It'll probably be clamped to the track by a couple of screws.


Posted: 11 Sep 04 06:32
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Thanks for your advice Nick - having moved it slightly down the mast and by adding two shackles at the front, one now meets the other. Bonus - it didn't go though the floor!


Posted: 12 Sep 04 10:36
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I have seen jibs attached to the halyard using stay adjusters to accommodate different luff wire lengths, allow more adjustment.

Make sure your shackles are well tapped up otherwise you risk shredding your spinnaker.