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Posted: 08 Sep 04 06:56
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Evening - can anyone tell me why rig tension is so important, and what the metal hook and handle is for on the bottom of the mast? Also, when I put the mast up, the shrouds are so tight that the mast is only just sitting in its gap in the foredeck. Is this right, or should there be a bit of rope or something between the end of the shroud and the metal piece on the boat? It's an old boat. Thanks a million...


Posted: 09 Sep 04 07:38
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Rig tension is important because it:

stops the jib luff sagging to leeward, thus help you to point better.
Prevents the mast bending off to leeward and thus the mainsail losing power
Allows the mast to be prebent to get the best sail shape.

works with the spreaders to prevent the mast inverting downwind and hence an expensive breakage.

The hook and lever is probably a highfield lever, the jib halyard wire loop goes in this it is then tensioned thus applying the rig tension. If it an adjustable one or fixed?

The set up for the mast rake (adjusted by the shroud length) is in the tuning guide (a copy is available at www.cuckoos.eclipse.co.uk). Normally the shrouds are connected to a D ring on the boat by plates with lots of holes in them (sometimes a bottle screw and there's also more complex variations available)adjust the length, put on the tension and measure from the mast head to back inside of transom. Play with this adjustment until its close to the tuning guide number.

Posted: 09 Sep 04 09:01
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On the old boats the mast should be outside the deck 'slot'. When you put the tension on the mast bends into the slot so theat the widest point of the mast is in line with back edge of the deck. The deck needs to be extended backwards (with wood or aluminium usually) to give sideways support.
I think there are photos on the website - try the technical pages.