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Morag Rowley

Posted: 07 Sep 04 09:07
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live in south west Scotland Only Lark sailor for a hundred miles no one to compare notes Sail well inlight winds SAIL NO 1309 Need help with heavy weather sailing Why am i usually last and win in light winds Overall weight 19 stone it cant only just be the weight

Posted: 08 Sep 04 09:17
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How do you do in the middle?


Posted: 08 Sep 04 12:57
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Just a suggestion -

If someone can lend you a boat why don't you come to the Shearwater training. Flights are relatively cheap Glasgow - Bristol) and I live near Bristol Airport. Could pick you up Friday night (provide caravan on drive) and run you to and from Shearwater (about an hours drive)as Rich and I are going.


Steve Cumley

Posted: 09 Sep 04 02:13
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Hi Morag

I am organising the training at Shearwater and would be happy to find a boat for you to borrow for the day if you are interested in attending.

19 stone is towards the lighter end of the scale, however a Lark should be manageable if set up properly well up to a force 5 with this weight.

There are a number of ways to depower the rig including outhaul on, lots of kicker, less mast ram, less rig tension, barber haulers off, cunningham on, and centreboard up. The order in which people depower varies although I generally go in the order described above.

Sailing a Lark well in strong winds is not just about rig set up though, weight position in the boat is crucial, good spinnaker handling is vital and communication between helm and crew is more important than ever because everything happens faster.

If you want to know more but can't make the training then check out the next edition of Lark News where there will be an article all about heavy weather sailing..... to prepare us all for the winter!

Happy Sailing (or swimming as the case may be)

07980 267962


Posted: 10 Sep 04 05:10
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We've got two club Larks at Shearwater so we'll make sure something's available for you and others who may be boatless for the weekend. Just give us plenty of notice!

Posted: 18 Sep 04 11:09
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Posted: 22 Sep 04 10:59
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I forgot to tell you that i am a poor lonely lark sailor I am so keen to join the lark sailing association have witten e mail etc but no joy My address is Ms Morag A Rowley, Stewarton House, Main Street , Kirkcolm, Stranraer, Wigtownshire DG9 0NN could someone arrange for an application form to be sent out to me> Thanks I am so keen to see the article on heavy weather sailing in next months mag. My problem is with upwind sailing in 4/5 cant keep boat flat without putting boom nearly in water do i have too much sail are there smaller sails or do people reef please advise

Posted: 06 Oct 04 11:21
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hi there

are you doing the things suggested but still struggling? i have always sailed as a pretty light all up crew weight and tend to find in stronger breeze that once all the depowering as suggested has been done and am still struggling the secret is to make the sail less effective. others will disagree with me but i have found it helps. it's not particularly fast but it will keep you from swimming. if you find yourself massively over powered ease the kicker. this means that when you let the main out the top of the sail should twist and therefore spill from the top as well as from the entire sail. this is also useful, if the boom hits the water as the sail is still spilling from the top. if you raise the board a small amount it may help also as the boat will tend to slip sideways rather than tip in. not fast but stops you swimming and sometimes safe and sure wins races. the other thing is to hike like hell, drop hiking!