Lark advice please

Trevor Peacock

Posted: 06 Sep 04 06:08
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We are considering a Lark as our 1st dinghy, the one in question has a sail number of 1615, could anyone give me an idea of the year of manufacture for this sail number or even better a history of the boat.




Posted: 06 Sep 04 07:24
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This boat would hae been made in 1976 but I'm afraid that's all I know.

Trevor Peacock

Posted: 08 Sep 04 05:26
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Thanks for the date of manufacture, is there anything that I should look out for on a Lark of this age???

Given that the boat is in fairly good condition would it be good as a "family" boat ?



Posted: 09 Sep 04 12:58
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I race regularly with my 16 year old son, occasionally with my wife and the younger girls. So yes it is a very good family boat. However, I would add a few caveats:

The space for the crew is a bit limited and so two adults and a child is a bit tricky (but not impossible).

The boat is not as stable lying too or as forgiving as some of the more traditional family boats (GP14, Enterprise, Wayfarer). But is lighter and more exciting without feeling out-of-control.

You might want to invest in a cut down main or Mirror / Cadet sail if you intend to cruise with the family.

You should check the Hull carefully for cracks (especiall at bow and stern) delaminating or weak glass areas and make sure the centreboard hasn't been bent. You should also check for vertical cracks at the front and back of the centreboard case(I don't know if this is a Lark problem area but on similar boats it can be).

Hope this is some help