24hr race


Posted: 03 Sep 04 06:36
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who do i contact to get on to one of the lark 24hr race teams?


Posted: 03 Sep 04 07:21
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Hi Kelsey,

Me. So anyone else out there interested please give me a call or drop me an email. We between 8-10 people to make up a team.

07769 700462

Simon Hopkins

Posted: 06 Sep 04 12:33
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We are still looking for a few spare bodies in the 'C' team if there are any interested parties out there wishing to try theie hand. Call me on 07774 127258 if you are interested.


Posted: 06 Sep 04 01:08
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Mr Bigglesworth is pictured on page 101 of this months Y&Y along with an article on 'How to Win the 24hr Race'(Aug 27th issue).


Posted: 06 Sep 04 07:27
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not just that, it has two girls in it (me and Becky if you don't recognise us) and we were sailing for the first team, not a girls team. Big up the fact the lark can be sailed competitively by anyone!!

Posted: 08 Sep 04 01:52
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just a shame about the picture.... ;-)