Friday at Carsington

Mark Ampleford

Posted: 03 Sep 09 12:58
Message ID: 1656
Can we drop the boats in on Friday evening?

Eluned Jones

Posted: 03 Sep 09 18:35
Reply ID: 4511
No idea about that but we are going up Friday..see you in the pub?

Daniel Watson

Posted: 04 Sep 09 11:32
Reply ID: 4518
I know it's a bit late but received a message from CSC about leaving boats - If you can get to the Club by 6pm that would be fine as the gates will be locked at 1830 tonight as the Manager is going out. When you get to the club turn left inside the barrier and take the second right down to the shore you can leave the boats on the shore. There should be no problem with the boats at the Knockerdown pub if you arrive later as it is quiet and safe there. The clubhouse gates should be reopen about 0830 tomorrow morning.

Be seeing you in the pub later...